Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas | 2017

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Just because you rent your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a beautiful space, so I am here for you all you renters. I am going to give you some tips to create a beautiful home. Stick with to the very end because I’ve created something really special for you as well. Tip number one is you want to think about the walls. Now, if your landlord will let you paint, it makes such a big difference and really it’s not very expensive and something you can do yourself. Now, if your landlord won’t let you paint, I have another solution for you. It’s called temporary wallpaper. This stuff is a genius. It’s basically like a sticker. You put it on the wall and when you’re done, you just pull it right off. There are some beautiful designs out there, so think about putting it behind your bed. Think about putting it in your kitchen. Think about putting it in a hallway, dining room, really anywhere, but this is a great option. It adds personality to your space. Tip number two is to make sure you buy rugs. Yes, a common complaint I hear from people who rent is like, “I hate the flooring and I want to change the flooring.” But, of course, that’s not something you want to do or your landlord maybe wants you to do. But, a rug is a great solution. For one, it adds texture. It creates zones in your space, but it also is a way for you to show your personality, and add color, and pattern, and fun. Make sure you put rugs in your living room, hallways. Put one in the kitchen, bathroom, everywhere you can. Tip number three is wall décor, and I’ve got a little solution for you because I know sometimes you’re not allowed to actually nail things into the wall. So, if this is a problem for you, washi tape is the answer. If you don’t know what washi tape is it’s one of my favorite things. It’s a Japanese tape. It comes in beautiful colors, and patterns, and designs, and it literally goes on the wall. When you take it off, it leaves no mark at all, and it’s really on trend right now, really fun, really funky. The way I would do this, if you have some prints that you like, instead of getting them framed and hanging them to the wall which you may not be able to do, think of just adding washi tape to the corners. It’s really fun. It looks intentional when you do it, especially if you do it in a grouping. If you’ve got a grouping of three or four of a print, and you put them all together, and you have the washi tape and really fun color, I think this is a great solution. Tip number four is lighting. Now, you can change the lighting because you know what? You can always just put it back when you move. I say change the dining room lights. Change maybe the kitchen pendants. Change the bedroom lighting. This makes such a difference and lighting is such a jewel of any space, so if you can add lighting that you love, that shows your personality, that then you can bring to the next space, it’s a great option. Just to recap, some of the things I suggest for all you renters out there is your walls, if you can’t paint but otherwise look at some temporary wallpaper. It’s awesome. The second thing is the rugs. Rugs, rugs, and more rugs. It covers the floor if you don’t like it, but it also shows your personality, adds color and texture and also defines the space. Wall décor. If you can’t nail into the wall, washi tape. It’s amazing. It’s going to be your best friend. It’s super funky. Lighting. You can always take down the lights. Add something you love. When you move, just put the old one back up and take your new lighting with you. I know all this sounds great. You want to make all these changes now into your space but where do you go? Okay. I’ve created something really special for you guys. I have a shopping list of my favorite designer shops that I go to with notes of what I love to buy from each and links directly to them, and you can get it below. If you like this article, I love it if you would like it. Make sure to subscribe and share with your family and friends. Also, remember to hop on over to because I do share a weekly newsletter that I share design tips, and tricks, and DIYs, and things that I only share with my subscribers. I’ll see you there.