Hot trends and designer favorites from the 2018 Interior Design Show

Jumat, Januari 11th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

Hi, I’m Ernestine. I’m here at IDS and this is one of my favorite booths this year at the show. It is called 1925 Workbench. It’s a local company, they make these beautiful custom doors, custom sliding tracks, and they are a great, hot trend this year. The tracks are in brass, it’s brushed brass, I love this finish, it’s really popular right now. The track behind me is a really neat, unique feature, it’s a single track that you can have double doors sliding on, which is a great space-saver. What I love at this booth are all of these doors are completely custom-made, made to order, there’s a beautiful, large, dark-stained wood door that has a glass inlay — it’s beautiful. This is a great booth, a fantastic design trend, locally made, and I love it. Hi, I’m Kate Davidson from Kate + Co-Design, and I’m here at the Zitta booth showcasing this amazing shower enclosure. This look is so hot right now and the great thing about this piece is that its pre-fab, you can get it in four different sizes. It’s a really easy way to add this chic, custom style to your own home. I’m here at the Monogram booth, it is fantastic, showcasing their appliances, of course, and this beautiful green kitchen. I’m really excited about this new trend. Moody kitchens, rich colors, we’re not seeing those all white kitchens of the past. They’re still beautiful, but it’s so nice and refreshing to see these rich colors coming back. I also love the tile, the backsplash, the big scale using a traditional white tile, laying it in a herringbone on its side, makes it a really unique, interesting detail that is completely on trend. A few great extras at this booth are that fantastic pizza oven, beautiful dark Caesarstone countertops, matte black faucet, and an amazing integrated fridge with a glass door. I’m here at the Hollis + Morris booth and it really caught my eye because everything here is so sculptural and elegant, and so simplistic. They use great materials, they use brass and wood, and it’s all customized, too. Luckily, it’s all made here in Toronto and they do everything from custom lighting pieces to beautiful dining tables and cool sculptural accents. This piece behind me is fantastic, the hexagon shapes are lights that add such a great statement. I’m here at the House of ROHL booth, they have a beautiful selection of finishes for all of their faucets and fixtures for the bathroom. A popular trend we’re seeing all over the show is matte black and brass. Matte black faucets like this with a really neat detail — like this one has a really cool wheel detail on the top. They also have this beautiful unlacquered brass, it’s not that satin brass you’re seeing everywhere, it’s brass in the purest form that looks gorgeous and has like a vintage feeling, and it gets a patina with time as everyone holds it and touches it. You don’t have to worry about cleaning and making it perfect. It’s perfect for any household. Also at this House of ROHL booth is a beautiful Trivento Victoria + Albert Baths soaker tub — love soaker tubs, every time I renovate a bathroom, we try to fit one of these in. It’s a small, compact one, really seamless design. It’s made of volcanic limestone, which keeps the water nice and warm. It stays toasty, you can also get it in different finishes. It’s really a cool trend, and it fits seamlessly into any space, whether it be contemporary or traditional. Coming to the Interior Design Show is a great way to see the latest and greatest products, to see what trends are out there for the upcoming year, and to get inspiration that you can use in your own home or project.