22m2 micro apartment

Senin, Februari 11th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

This building is called Ballina, it’s an Art Deco building. This apartment is 22 square meters it’s always a pierrot tear for some clients of ours, but to be able to rent it out for a short-term rental when they weren’t here. When we first came to visit it. The layout was completely different. It was really important for us to retain all the original features of the apartment but try and make a little bit more workable, we reduced the size of the bathroom so that we could sneak a little kitchen into the entry area, and that way the kitchen would be away from the sleeping area and tucked away. The kitchen was positioned at the front door and it was designed as a black element that would almost disappear as you entered, even though it’s not very wide, the bench is quite deep so it’s quite useful. We were really confined by that dividing wall and this archway and we really wanted to maintain all of those original features. So we looked at quite a few layouts and it made the most sense to actually have the bed in the middle, and be able to access it from both sides. The wall along where the windows are actually had quite a few pipes and conduits, so we built it out slightly to make it all even and then ended up with these lovely deep recesses. We thought a lot about the best location to put a sofa and we thought it was really important to be able to sit back and look out of the windows, by having this joinery piece here we separate the sleeping zone from the living space and you just see over the top of the bed and you can enjoy the view from the windows. By elevating the bed platform, we could separate the living area from the sleeping area. It also meant that we could raise the floor to the bathroom so all the plumbing could be reworked without causing any inconvenience to any of the apartments below. So we wanted the bathroom to be a really lovely experience, we thought it would be lovely to have a timber battened floor all the way through the bathroom and we copied that onto the ceiling and it gives you this beautiful smell like a sauna. The idea with the mirror was that the mirror creates a sense of depth it reflects the light and when you’re lying in bed it also reflects the view. Even though the apartment is so small there’s a place for everything, little details that you might not necessarily think about in a big house are really important here. Like the fold-out ironing board, We have a lot of walls hung floating units so that you still get a sense of the whole footprint of the rooms and give you a sense of more space We’ve got the hidden lighting under the cabinets and above to create atmosphere. We really loved the original art deco detail of the apartment and so everything that’s new has also been given the same amount of attention to detail. I think good design can have a really positive impact on people’s lives, particularly in small spaces, good design is absolutely imperative in order to get the most out of space and to really feel comfortable in a space. so many discussions about this micro apartment, hope it’s useful and see you soon.