Senin, Februari 11th 2019. | decoration

Hi everyone! Today’s article is about this makeover project that Jay and I did before Christmas! As you can see our lounge looked really cluttered and we used to have two black coffee tables which really left us little space. So, we thought it needed a nice makeover. We got this 3-seater sofa to attain a sophisticated look without blowing the budget. I thought these inexpensive stylish cosy cushions I brought together blend in very well with the quilted sofa. I also wanted to follow the modern white contemporary and minimalist approach so, I thought I should start with you know…selecting the right TV bench. I think one of Jay’s best finds so far is this Egyptian Pharaoh Art Sculpture Figurine we got from Home Sense. It was hard to ignore this brass-colour candle dish! I knew exactly where it should be placed at first sight. So yeah, these three eye-catching ornaments are meant for each other! I was chuffed when I saw this elegant table lamp that features a brass nickel-plated exterior and textile shade. It has transformed the mood of our lounge at very little cost. At first, I thought silver and brass/gold colour won’t go well together but placing this silver picture frame beside the lamp…honestly, looked okay to me. Finding the right coffee table was a bit of a challenge for me because you know I wanted to stick to our colour scheme. I had to consider the size as well…as we wanted to maintain a sense of space . So… yeah, I was very glad I found a set of stylish nesting tables online. I bought this white rug from IKEA a few years ago and I kind of like how it injected a bit of you know…personality to the lounge. You guys, I have a thing for geometric home decor you might have noticed already. I thought I could use the rest of the spare soil that we already have to replant these mini succulents inside the lantern but I realised it’s not ideal so, I put them in instead. To boost the look of the lounge, these DIY framed B&W; graphic images and artworks I did on Picmonkey were accumulated to perk up the bare wall just right above the TV bench. I got this geometric mirror from an online shop too. We had plain white curtains before but we didn’t like them because they block the sunlight that brightens up our lounge so, we decided to take them off. I think the modernistic zigzag pattern of these curtains made them ideal for bringing contemporary style to the lounge. I strongly believe that…adding green plants is one of the best ways to liven up a space. By the way guys, this article is basically just a quick run through of all the elements we had put together. You can check out my blog for more thorough details and if you wish to get similar items you’ll find some product links there as well. So, just click the i-card above or the link in the description box down below. Jay and I were very pleased with the outcome. Let us know what you think of the makeover. Hope this article gave you a little bit of inspiration. Thank you for watching guys. Until our next article. Byeee.