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Senin, Maret 11th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

hey guys! I’m here in my kitchen today to show you, some cabinet organization first things. first be, sure to stop by the blog I’ll leave a link below and grab my five steps to an organized kitchen mini guide it’s kind of like an e-book that shows you the process that I went through, come to start to finish to get this kitchen back in order I was inspired recently by a friend of mine came from the blog tidbits. So, I will link her blog in the description below in her channel to do some reorganizing here in my kitchen cabinets. So, she did a post where she organized all her baking supplies all nicely lined up in shelves on her in her cabinets and it just looks so good. that I was like I have to do that I first tackled the spice cabinet. I showed you last week and today I want to show you what I did with the rest of the cabinet’s I started this process by first removing everything from my cabinets. I wanted to make sure to go in all of them so that way I could rethink the layout after I got everything out I started going through things to see what I’d held on to that we really hadn’t used in the last couple years so I heard of some plates and some mugs the people who lived here. before painted the cabinet’s blue on the insides and I never really got around to repainting the blue because you know it’s boys behind closed doors. So, who has time for that? but, I figured since they were empty this would be a good time to get them cleaned up and painted white. So, I used the same white chalk paint that I used in my spice cabinet organization video I’ll link it below but I love it because it goes right over surfaces without any prep work. the same process on the other side just took everything out and I’m pretty embarrassed about my lack of organization, but you know when you get home from the grocery store, things just get put away and we don’t have a pantry and then I had to think about what kind of containers I was going to put the food in to make it kind of look really nice and stored very pretty to where I could see what I have first was thinking maybe some wet jars or some swing top jars. I looked on Amazon for way too long and I seriously came full circle all the way back around to my beloved mason jars. I like the mason jars because you can get them in so many different sizes. I also snagged up some of the wide-mouthed plastic lids. because that way I’m too worried about any rust issues for long-term storage. when you use the metal the other lid they’re in two pieces the one-piece plastic lids are just a lot more simple to use. I also picked up this expandable shelf again I’ll link it below it was from Amazon to be able to store the pint and half pint size charts. I used the top shelf for the kind of things that wouldn’t go in jars like my husband likes to eat sardines and can salmon and condiments, and I decided to put the supplements up there as, well as peanut butter pumpkin and all that kind of stuff. when I find it on sale that I grab coconut milk a pasta sauce that kind of stuff I tried to organize it by type. So, I put condiments to the left and I put tomato products to the right as well as supplements. then I use the Sharpie paint pen, the same one I used in my spice cabinet organization, post to label all of my chart this is nice because I can switch out the labels if I need to move things around by just wiping it off maybe with something a little bit abrasive to get the paint off but it’s much easier than removing printable labels. I decided to put all of my storage containers and plates and bowls in the cabinet that is closer to the dining room. just makes a lot more sense. I also kept a tea set that we picked up at a thrift shop because my daughter’s liked to play tea and then I just started putting everything back up. I put all the food in the two cabinets closest to the stove. the layout just makes a lot more sense. I even tried to group together smoothie add-ins, like Chia maca acai, etc. and baked goods together. I do want to mention in one of my upper cabinets, I have a little extra flour and oatmeal and a few things that didn’t fit into the jars that I will just use to restock well thank you so much for reading this article I hope I have inspired you to tackle some organization in your kitchen I plan to move next on to my laundry room so stay tuned for that I’m kind of thinking for what I’m gonna do to make it more functional and beautiful. if you are new here and you enjoyed this article and would like to see more food from scratch natural living and our handmade home, please hit that subscribe button they make two new articles every week thank you so much for stopping by the finest you.