Senin, Maret 11th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

Hi guys! Welcome to my room tour. This is the entryway that you see when you first walk in. This is the room I share with my husband. Let’s just go right on the inside! At the doorway here I always have a glass house fragrance candle that I just use as a doorstop. It’s actually the milk and honey flavor which is my absolute favorite! Now as you come around the corner here you can see this is a background I was using for some of the blog articles that my husband made for me I absolutely love the silver glitter fabric it’s amazing! and when I was moving some stuff around I just thought I’d put it here as my new filming space. And on here I just had pictures of my beautiful kids um yeah I just love them and of course, I have the little silver purse that I just showed in a haul recently. It’s a Swarovski crystal little storage container that I just keep some little pieces of jewelry and stuff inside that my husband got me and then a little tiara because why not?! And down the side here I just have like a little hair clip and then I have a glasshouse fragrance another candle this is a dozen roses the Verona one that got last Valentine’s Day and then I just have another little jewelry storage container from Forever New that is a heart. Now coming down underneath all that on my drawers that I just keep clothes and shoes and bags and accessories and stuff in Here is a little sneak peek! If you want me to go through everything in more detail in another article I can definitely do that maybe like a closet tour or something. but this is just a little overview of some of my like most used sort of favorite kind of bags and stuff. There just a few more underneath there. And then I just have some of my you know most worn favorite shoes. These are the new ones I got in a Forever New haul which I’ll have the video link below if you want to check that out. These other little shoes I absolutely love! If it wants to focus I have like glitter on them and I just love these, they are actually from the kid’s section and it’s great because I fit into a size five kids shoes. Shh, don’t tell anyone! Um, and then just a little flat that is easy to just chuck on for everyday sort of stuff. And I’ve always got a little bit of bling on them because that’s just me. Yeah, so and then I have my belt there which was also in my haul. And then this huge flower that I used for my wedding. It’s just like a giant like a hair clip but whatever. Um, some other the little clips from Forever New. These were from my sister for Christmas, and some little headbands that I got in the kid’s section at K-Mart I believe. And then to some little like more dressier clutches and stuff. This like glitter one and that’s another one at the back and yeah that’s everything in that drawer so if you want some more detail of what’s in my other drawers and my closet and stuff leave me a comment below and give this article a thumbs up and that will let me know that you guys want to see you as a closet tour – and I’ll definitely do that! All right let’s move on so if we turn around to the other side you’ll see my closet here that I share with my husband, Um yeah, so as it goes you know I have ninety percent he has 10 Um and here’s a little sneak peak of my closet what’s inside and yeah let me know if you want to see more of that. we just need to first article this time, we will continue in the next article. thank you for being faithful to read on my blog, see you.