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Senin, Maret 11th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

Hey, homeowners! We came up with 5 new series for you to look forward to every week! We have the MF T&T; or the MF Tips and Tricks. Next, we have What’s Your Style? It’s a makeover! We also have the Top 5! And last but certainly not the least Look Who’s Here! Alright, that is enough talking. I am just so excited! Are you? Come on, let us know in the comments section below. So finally for today’s episode, we will be having a top 5 series! Get ready for the MF Top 5 Sofa Picks! Our No. 5 on the list is the Paris Sofa. The Paris sofa is a transitional style of furniture. This means that the traditional and the modern styles got married made love had a baby and this is what the transitional style is. The style is ideal for homeowners who find traditional sofas too old-fashioned and stuffy and modern styles just too cold and lacking in warmth. Transitional sofas are what home furnishing industries refer as an “updated classic” or a “timeless design”. Transitional sofas are medium in scale, which means they’re not overly large nor are they minutely small. They are also not formal. The Paris Sofa is comfortable and casual and has a good balance between masculine and feminine elements. Our next sofa is the Jimbo L-Shaped Sofa. This sofa is an apartment sized sofa. Apartment size sofas have a width between 68″ and 72″ versus the traditional size of 84 inches. Mandaue Foams Jimbo sofa is a small scaled sofa with a width of 62.5 inches. It is suggested for apartments and condos as there’s a guarantee of tricky corners and sharp turn angles going to your room and let’s not forget tight hallways. This scale is the best fit for small spaces plus it’s easier to carry up and down the stairs when moving in our moving out. Thanks to the L shape of the sofa, you can have four or more people sit here well if they don’t mind cuddling next to each other for a length that’s only for three people. And also you want the chaise to be on the other side? No problem. Mandaue Foam customizes to your wants! The 3rd sofa is the Primo Sectional. The Primo sectional is a modular type of sofa because it has separate units or elements or modules that can be put together in complex structures. The key to a standard lounge is that the ability to interchange items and add length to either aspect. The Primo offers abundant seating and provides more comfort than a traditional sofa. The Primo also offers a side table attached where you can put decors or it can be a place where guests can put their drinks. Just some tips on the modular sofa: fit in the coffee table within the boundary of the sofa edges. The rug should be large enough to anchor the entire furniture grouping. And you shouldn’t be too many pillows. It will make the sofa look sloppy and unattractive. Place them on the left and center. If you’re the type of person who has a big family who always comes over or if you’re the type of person who loves to have friends around, then the Primo sectional sofa is the solution for you! Our No. 2, The Harriet! We have met the transitional baby so now it’s time to meet one of the parents. The modern style of the sofa! The word “modern” is one in all the foremost exploited phrases in decorating. When people refer to a modern style they often meant” contemporary” style. It’s called modern because it was birthed around the early to the mid 20th century while the contemporary doesn’t refer to a specific period of time but what’s popular on the present day. Modern design colors have an earthier hue and feature shades like rust, cream, brown olive, and grey. With their low profile, defined lines, deep cushions and wide track arms. The chunky Harriet has a grounded quality and modern appeal that invites you to sink in and stay a while. The last but our best, The MF Top Sofa Pick, The Hamilton! It is a Sofa… It’s a bed! It’s a sofa bed! Sofa beds are amazing! Plus there is…Storage. In case you have some sudden guests and you lack the extra room, you can have them rest comfortably on the sofa during the day and turn it into a bed at night. It’s super cool. Built-in storage is another cool feature of lounge beds. The Hamilton has integrated pullout drawers and storage units allowing you to keep extra pillows and blankets or other things that are not in use. Buying the Hamilton sofa bed is investing in something that has a dual purpose. It’s a good value for money especially in a studio unit, dorm, and apartment. It saves valuable floor space as well. Don’t forget to test your sofa bed before buying it. It should be light and easy to operate. And you should lie down on the mattress, to see if it’s comfortable. I guess that is all folks for our Top 5 Sofa Picks! What do you guys think? Which one was your favorite MF Sofa? Comment it down below and of course hit the like button for this article and most importantly follow to our blog.