Kamis, April 11th 2019. | decoration

Hello, because yesterday’s article was too long, I made 2 parts. there are still some questions about what we need or not in our homes. Does my current home do this item justice? I recently saw a documentary of a couple owning hundreds of pairs of shoes, all stored in their boxes throughout their home, never being worn or even looked at. They said they loved their shoes, but does this really do them justice? Perhaps only owning a few that you actually enjoy wearing will add much more value. Do I need this item NOW? You don’t have to hold onto things in case you might need them later. If you don’t need them now, chances are you can do without them later as well. Would I buy this again if it broke? This is a great way to establish whether you actually need something, or if you just think you do. If the item more valuable than space it takes up? Items take up space and require maintenance. Are they worth that? Or would the extra empty space you created by getting rid of the item be more valuable? – Does this item serve the purpose of the room? If you have a room designed as a home office, but there are three big piles of books and magazines, do they help you with working in this office? I find it very helpful to immediately decide what to do with the items I’m getting rid of. Instead of making one big pile of things that have to go, create a system and start sorting things into categories right away. This will help you get rid of them quickly and not keep bags and boxes of stuff lying around. I always sort them in the following categories: give away, sell, donate, recycle/toss. This also helps with any feelings of guilt you might experience because you know you went about this mindfully and you didn’t just throw things in the trash. This is the key to creating space and keeping your home organized. Give all the things you’re keeping a home and make sure you can easily store and access them. Make sure they serve the purpose of the room that they are in. And try to keep them close to where you use them most. Decluttering is a skill and like with all skills, practice makes better. If you start with these items, there’s a very real chance that you will get stuck. But if you save them for last, you will have already practiced a lot, and you will know what to do with them. I discuss decluttering sentimental items in my “decluttering roadblocks” video, you can find it here and in the description for more advice about this topic. If you’ve never decluttered before, taking action and decluttering your home will be time-consuming. It’s best if you set a realistic expectation as to how much time it will take for you to finish so you won’t get discouraged. If you want, you can even make planning and schedule a certain amount of time weekly or daily to help you stick to it. If you have a realistic expectation, you won’t be disappointed and you can keep going as long as it takes for you to create your dream home. I hope this article helped you out, if so please give it a big thumbs up. See you soon, happy decluttering, bye-bye!