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Hello, I met again with me, because yesterday’s article was too long, I took the initiative to share it in 2 parts. therefore we continue the article yesterday. There’s not loads of storage, and we don’t really need it because the boys are so young. In the future, I’m wondering if we’ll need loads of more products. I have no idea if boys are going to or not. But I’ll show you what is under our sink. Yeah, so over here, I have a few cleaning products. Again, a Method one that is wild rhubarb and smells so, so good, and it’s anti-bacterial. And then a few other general ones that you need. These are bath toys that the boys have had for so, so long. They are Skip Hop cups, and the kids love them because they all have different holes in the bottom, so different amounts of water will come out when you put water into them. And they’ve played with these cups for so long, and I really like them because, you know some bath toys get really, really scummy, these never really have. You can just pop them in the dishwasher every now and then. To store our smaller bits, I got these two containers from IKEA, and I got this one from the pound shop. This one just has all the boys’ flannels in it, so they’re easy to access. Here are all the boys’ bath toys. Some are Disney, some are Angry Birds, some are just random. Yeah, then, in this one, we have extra toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, we have our bin bags and a room spray and stuff like that. So because this is a small bathroom and there isn’t loads of storage, we hung three hooks on the back of the door. One is an F and one is a C and one is a J, for Fraser, Caleb, and Jackson. And I put their little hooded towels on their hook. Yeah, so I got their hooded towels from Next, and I really like that they’re all matching and they came in all of their different sizes. So, you’ll see Fraser’s is bigger and then there’s Caleb’s and then there’s little baby Jackson’s one, as well. And we tiled right up the side of the bath. Pretty standard normal bath, I think, with Jackson’s little seat in it. And then yes, the fixtures are quite traditional, as I said. We have a rain one right over the top but then also one that you can take off and use. At the moment, we don’t have a glass door. Because we bath the boys ‘cause they’re so little, we don’t have one. But when they’re older and they’re all showering, of course we’re going to put on a glass door here. But, at the moment, for easy access, we do not have one. These two jugs I use for washing the boys’ hair. This one is from Dunelms, and I like it because it’s a little bit more stylish. Although his one is a lot more kid-friendly. It’s from Munchkin, and it’s really, really soft plastic. I just wish it came in a nicer color. And, over in this corner, we managed to get a really, really small, skinny window in. We didn’t think we’d be able to have a window at all, so it’s a real result that we were able to fit one in. Basically, our house ends just next to the window, so we could only fit in this tiny, skinny one, but it’s great to be able to open and let some air in, especially with three kids are probably going to be showering loads one day. Yeah, and then, one of my favorite things about whole room is this really glitzy light on top. And it’s really, really glittery and silver and we really, really love it. And then we have that one and then we have to two spots over here. We also had a strip of LED lights put under the unit, there, so whenever the light goes off, the LEDs come on. So if the boys wake up at night and need to find their way to the toilet, they can easily use the toilet without being blinded by the lights. Right, so that is it for this vlog. I really hope you liked it and found it interesting. I know this isn’t like my normal kind of vlog, but I hope you got something from it anyway. Give it a like if you did like it. I have a house tour coming up very soon. The one last room to finish is nearly done. So look forward to that. And I will see you in my next one. Bye!