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Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I have a bit of a different article for you. I’m going to show you around our brand new family bathroom. Basically, we recently had our house extended from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom because we had a third child. So, in that process, we had to change our family bathroom layout and make it quite small. So many of you have asked where these tiles are from, so I thought I would just show you around and also show you our bathroom storage, in the process, so yeah, I hope you enjoy it. Let’s get into the article! Yeah, so we ended up going for quite a traditional bathroom, like the fixtures are quite traditional but with a modern twist, with a bit more glitzy and glamorous tiles and light fixtures and things like that. Because it is a smaller space, we spent a bit more money on the tiles and, yeah, so I’ll just show you around. Sorry, I’m babbling already. I’ll start it out here in the hallway. Here is the bathroom and it actually used to go all the way over to this wall. But we had to make a hallway here to Fraser’s new room and then use up a little bit of this space from Jackson’s nursery. So that is how we worked out the bathroom. And you walk in, and the first thing you will notice is this floor. These tiles, my husband chose them from Topps Tiles and they are white and they’re actually part glass. So apparently, they were quite hard to cut and to be honest, we’re kind of regretting having these because we feel like you can see any speck of dirt on the floor when you’re in here. It doesn’t look too bad on the camera, but I feel like it’s already getting a bit dirty between. If anyone knows of a really good cleaning product for grout, let me know in the comments. All of the tiles that are on the walls are also from Topps Tiles. I know so many of you have asked me where they are from. I don’t think it’s really picking up on camera, but these have kind of like a pearlescent pinky, purply shine on them. They’re really, really shiny. And we decided to tile the entire bathroom, which was a little bit more expensive but, as I said, ‘cause it’s such a small room, it works, and it’s like this giant wet room. These little metro tiles, my husband chose as well. They’re really, really cool, and they came on sheets of tiles. Over here is the toilet, and we found this in B&Q; It’s a little bit square, and it looks really, really nice. It was difficult to find a toilet that would fit this small area because there is a pillar here that could not be moved. So we managed to get this toilet in, and it fits really, really well. There’s obviously a footstool and stuff for the boys. This unit over here is from Homebase, the sink and everything. We really like the color, and it’s kind of like a wood effect. Above the sink is the mirror, and it goes right up to the ceiling, ‘cause we wanted to make the room look as big as possible. And Matt actually had this mirror specially cut and measured and made, and then they just put it on the wall when they did the tiles. Actually, I think Matt may have actually put it on the wall himself. Here then next to the mirror, we have two lights, these two that Matt found on a website called Wayfair, which basically has loads of different things on it. It’s a little bit like Etsy, and, yeah, we’re really, really pleased with these. Makes it look like a little bit boutique and chic. And then, over here, I will show you the rad, because I think it looks quite Victorian. Yeah, so this is it here and, again, it was quite tricky to find a rad that would fit in this tiny space. It was really difficult to make everything fit. These towels are from Cox & Cox. I will put as many links as I can in the description bar below, but I wanted to show you these. I really liked that they were two-tone. Here’s one of the towels here. They’re half pink and half gray, and they’re really nice quality. And here is our toilet roll holder from Dunelms and our bin and brush which are from IKEA. Up here, there’s a little elephant that holds the boys’ toothbrushes. So they have electric toothbrushes, which they really love using, and Frozen toothpaste. And I found this little elephant on Amazon. I thought it was really cool, and the color goes with our bathroom. And basically any water that collects in there actually comes out of the trunk, so you don’t get any water inside the cup, which I thought was quite cool. Over here is the tap, and here is the boys’ soap. If you watch my cleaning routines, you’ll know that I really love Method products. This is green tea and aloe. But what I really like about it for the boys is that it’s a foaming wash. So I feel like it helps them wash their hands a bit. So when you do it like that, it already comes out all foamed up, which I think is really nice for kids. Right, while I’m over here, I’m gonna show you the storage in this bathroom.