BOY’S BEDROOM MAKEOVER Decluttered 2018 Reveal

Jumat, April 12th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

hello my friends okay so I’m going to give you a tour of a Owen’s room I was telling you guys last week on insta stories by the way if you’re not following me on Instagram go find me at wanna be balanced because I post daily pictures of my family and because of different pictures at my house and all the things that were up to on a daily basis Plus insta stories laughs we got insta stories I was talking about my new goal to choose one room in the house each week or each month to really revamp meaning I gotta get this place in order there’s is we just got a lot of stuff so I need to go through each room get rid of some stuff spend some time organizing and just a little bit of redecorating I kind of just want to switch some things out spruce it up just a little bit so this week I’m going to give you a tour of owns room and we got rid of the crib okay so this is Owens room to get this thing like organized remember Clinton and we got to put the crib away it’s funny because last time we were here Owen was sleeping in the crib but now he’s not so we got to put the crib away even though maybe we might have another baby but for now we’ll put the crib away okay that was a sad thing you all know I’m trying to conceive and he was my last baby I got my tubes tied and then reversed yeah I changed my mind so I got the reversal surgery but when I got my tubes tied I got rid of all of our baby stuff the only thing that I had left was its credit and it was just kind of sad to come back to this house or st. George house they haven’t been in this house for seven months so when we got back and I saw the crib up I was like oh because when we left this house he was still sleeping in the crib and now he doesn’t sleep in a crib so we took the crib down and I’m actually gonna just get rid of it donate it sell it if I do have another baby I think I just want another crib altogether because why not here is all of the stuff and I gathered out of Owens room to get rid of I didn’t really there was not much dust in there so I’m happy and feeling relieved to be getting rid of so much stuff I don’t know what it is but it feels good to get rid of stuff don’t you think yeah there’s nothing in this closet and I feel really good about it I just got rid of so much stuff and I just I like empty shelves it just makes me feel good all of his clothes are in the drawers no not all over the floor and in random places and then I’ve got a little stash of just random things that I kind of just tried to put all in the corner so I didn’t have to look at it when I initially walk in because look at this ah I feel so good makes me happy same with his bookshelves I just like the more minimalist type decor I’ve decided so I’m okay with the fact that it looks very bare to me it looks really pretty I like it makes me feel good so I really love this bed I got this from down east and I just love the detail got this from TJ Maxx home goods and I just like that it’s a really pretty piece I found those pillows on Amazon then I had those drapes custom-made because I needed to get blackout drapes you know so that it would be completely dark in here for when he was taking naps during the day so this was custom made and I actually want to get rid of this chair we don’t really use it and I would just prefer there’d be nothing there and maybe just get a little chair for this little desk right here yeah can you show me all your toys how you set up in your room whoa you’ve got so many toys oh and do you love your room what’s your favorite part about the room yup you like hope that’s your favorite part of the room I don’t know oh she doesn’t know that one what song do you want her to play how about Rolly Rolly Don’s my play yeah now we got a dance to it