Dorm Room Makeover 2019 – Koskibest

Jumat, April 12th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

Hello, homeowners! And welcome to my blog! But again before anything else, make sure to hit that subscribe button and show us that love. And of course, stay tuned as we announce this week’s giveaway prize. Today’s episode we will be doing a Dorm Room Makeover for my niece who has been begging me for the last few weeks to help her out. She says that she can’t concentrate on her current arrangement. Hmmm… I wonder why? So our dormers, mommies, and daddies this episode is for you! Let’s go! So this is the usual setup of a bedroom in a dorm and it really looks like a really sad hospital room. But anyway that is why we are here to make it better! Sadly the perfect place for the bed would be in this space right here. But we can’t put a bed frame because usually the bed frame is 75 inches and this space is only 70 inches, So what we’re gonna do? We’re going to remove the bed frame and cut the mattress to 70 inches so it fits perfectly in this area. Why are we gonna do this? Because it will give us more room to work with over here! Cause the bed is on the floor, a rug is a perfect underneath. It gives warmth figuratively to the room and literally to your feet. Wow! This is looking really really good. And as you can see, it’s a perfect perfect fit. Awesome! And you know in tight situations like this, using a console table in lieu of a desk, it’s the best solution. And as for this chair… People should not have chairs like this in your homes. Cause look, it’s broken it’s a safety hazard. So, no! We will replace this. Console tables are sleek making it the perfect alternative. Note that it should have an open bottom and the shelves and the bars are not too low so that you can push your chair and rest your feet underneath. Perfect! Now, this cabinet looks pretty good to me already, all we need is to add a cute little trolley for some additional storage. You can store your bags, snacks, and cleaning stuff in the trolley. Tadaaa! And a good thing about this trolley is that you can put it anywhere in the room because it rolls so you can put it here, over here, you know anywhere you need it! All that is missing now are decors. So, I’m gonna put an accent pillow here and there and add some shelves on this side of the room. And for the finishing touches… change the curtain and add decors and more. Yeah! We are done! Look at the change of this! From a hospital room to an actual, livable space where you wouldn’t mind spending your Friday nights. Am I right? So, thank you so much for reading and again don’t forget to click the like button. And hit the subscribe button as well. Thanks for coming! Inspiring your home.