EXTREME Bedroom Makeover! Tech Edition 2019 part 2

Jumat, April 12th 2019. | decoration, Tak Berkategori

Hey, because yesterday’s article was too long, I cut it and I made 2 parts, I hope you enjoy it. Let’s do that nice purple, maybe we’ll do blue, oh blue is nice, complements like the bed colors. So when I was installing the Hue light strips underneath the bed I was thinking it would be so cool if they could just automatically turn on when I went to get a glass of water in the middle of the night or something like that, but like, how in the world was that gonna be possible? I didn’t think there was any way of doing that but there actually is, with the Philips Hue motion sensor. And as soon as this guy detects motion, you can have it change the color of the lights or what’s probably most practical is have the lights go on or off which I think is perfect for the middle of the night with the Hue lights, like you don’t have to fumble around with the light strip to turn on all the lights in your room and if you’re not a fan of having to deal with your phone to have to turn on all these lights, I have this guys, the Logitech Pop Smart Button Kit and what’s inside of here, is this button, of course, this little wall adapter so you could plug it into the wall. And adhesive so that you can stick this guy anywhere you want. I’m gonna stick it around this general area ‘cause that just happened to work well with my room I walk in, see this wall. Let’s just say around there. Okay, there we go, I just hope this is nice and level. Okay, so what’s cool about this is you can trigger a bunch of different scenes and it does not have to light. It can be different Smart appliances across the house, maybe your coffee machine in the morning you could have that going. And I’m gonna set up one press, to have my daylight scene. Let’s do a double press for my nighttime scene and a long press, I’ll just shut them all off. Alright, let’s see if it works, I’m just gonna single press for that daytime scene. Oh cool, okay, so I go in, I just single press and there are my daytime lights, but now let’s do that double press for the nighttime scene. Beautiful, oh that is so cozy and last but not least, let’s hold to turn off all the lights. And there we go. Next up and probably one of my most favorite parts of this room, the nebula portable projector. It was like made for this room because my bed is facing a huge blank wall, so it’s like perfect for that. But also my headboard, it’s flat so it just lays on there perfectly, like I just plop it there and I love this thing because I can just sit back, relax and watch my TV, Netflix, YouTube on here. But I don’t have to watch it in here because I can take it on the go since it’s a portable projector and especially since it has built-in JBL speakers which sound really good. Let’s blast that music up. Alright woo. That’s some good sound but, guys, I have this sound bar set up over here in case you want a more movie theater experience, you know why guys, because this sound bar connects to the portable projector so easily, because the portable projector has blue tooth built in so I can connect a great sound bar like this to that guy and we’re gonna have a movie theater in here. Let’s see what this guy sounds like now. Oh man, that sounds good. It sounds really good, it’s a really good combination. That sounds really good, that’s seriously such a great combination to have a nice sound bar with your portable projector it’s like so much better than a TV because you have like a movie theater in your bedroom. That’s crazy. So from the mattress to all the night stand accessories Hue lights, all the stuff in this room, even the room decor, it was so much fun to put together ‘cause I really feel like it shows my personality not only through tech but just like my general style I feel like both of those go hand in hand in creating the perfect tech bedroom. Seriously, it was so much fun to put together. So please let me know what you guys think in the comments below and if you guys want to see more articles like this I was thinking of bringing this over to my living room and maybe doing some smart home stuff in there so leave a like if you want to see that. But anyway thank you for watching guys and I’ll see you later.